I won’t lie, I like to road trip alone.  LOVE IT as a matter of fact, and I know that I have blogged on this before, so this will not warrant a large answer to the Plinky.com question.  This list is based on the many a lone road trips I have made.

Besides all the safety car check list stuff:

1. Camera

2. Music, including back up music for when your radio decides to die in the middle of nowhere.

3. Tent and camping equipment.

4. Good old fashion map.  No GPS for this stuff.  I have never gone in for a GPS for a road trip, it ruins it.  I would rather be fighting with myself than with a stupid machine.

5. Water and nibbles and a plastic bottle…trust me.

6. The ability to not care if you get to where you were going.  That is my favourite part.


It has been so long since I have been on a lonely road trip that I might have to force one on myself, however I think my husband might object.